Can any two people really fall in love?

Love can happen anywhere anytime. It does not matter that you are searching for someone or not. Many people experience love at first sight, when they see a charming lady or handsome man. We all need someone to talk, share our secrets and love. It is a fact and according to this fact any two people can really fall in love. You may be quite busy in your studies or in your job, but you cannot spend whole life alone. There will be some occasions, when you think that I’m alone and there must be someone special in my life.

Is there any particular age of loving someone?

Off-course kids don’t do serious love, but almost teenagers love someone they like in their class. People start understanding love, when they grow up and watch other people loving each other. Many teenagers learn it from movies, TV shows and through other mediums, but when you become an adult guy or girl, you try to get committed with someone you love. Even old age’s people fall in love and propose someone special when they think it is the right time. If you are a single, you will surely fall in love. Now or in future, there is no answer of this question, but you will.

Is it all about sex?

Sex can be a part of love but it is not all about sex. Loving someone and having desire of doing sex with someone are two different things. People find sluts and pay for one night, but it does not mean that they love that person. Loving someone means, you care that person and get worried about him or her, when you don’t talk to that person. It is love and it can make your life more enjoyable and full of colors.

When someone realize that he/she is in love?

People start loving each other quite before they know they are. When you are with someone special, you won’t understand that you are in love with him or her. When you will be alone for some time and start missing that person, then you will realize that you love him or her. That’s how people change their view and think to propose someone. Love is all about being together, caring each other and missing each other, when two people are not together.

Can two people love each other after having a bad breakup?

It depends. It is possible that two people can love each other after having a bad breakup, when they feel alone. If there was only necessity of each other but not love, then there is no chance that two people will love each other after having bad breakup. Every day many individuals fall in love with each other, some get married and some face breakup. When two people meet on an online dating site, they plan of getting married. It happens because both individuals meet each other by checking compatibility and then move ahead to farm a good relationship.

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